Alyssa's Law (NJ A764)

All public schools in New Jersey are now required to outfit with a Panic Alarm System. Open Systems Integrators Inc. has vast experience in providing customized integrated solutions to NJ schools since 1999.

Open Systems specializes in K 12 integrated solutions. Before choosing an integrator and deploying a solution, please consider:

  • Is the provider DPMC Classified?
  • Is the provider compliant with the US DOL?
  • Registered Apprenticeship Program, as required?
  • Is the solution available through an approved buying group, state contract or co op?
  • Does the solution meet the NFPA guidelines and UL Listing required?
  • Is the solutions supervised (will the system notify you if there is a maintenance issue)?
  • What type of Signal Transmission Methods to the Local Law Enforcement Agency is being used?
  • Is this solution future proofed?
  • Is the solution scalable?
  • What is your ROI (Return on Investment)?
  • Is the integrator assisting in leveraging your existing security and safety investments?

What are your district district’s goals relating to this legislation? Should you be pursuing minimum compliance or enhancing your integrated solution with features like:

  • Access Control System the card readers are disabled or limit access to law enforcement
  • 2 Way Radios activating a lockdown from a radio or automating an audio message to a radio channel
  • Mobile Applications for activation and communication during an emergency
  • VoIP Phones activation from any district phone
  • Message Boards, Email/SMS Messages, Wireless Options, PSIM, Desktop Notifications and more

Contact us today to schedule a free assessment of your district with one of our Integrated Solution Engineers.